Welcome to The Adventures Club Bourbon Society!  We are a whiskey society that mostly concentrates on bourbon and rye.  Located in the Chicago Suburbs we are the forefront when it comes to sitting, sipping, relaxing, and enjoying others company.  We like to get all whiskey fans together to drink, discuss and to have fun.  We are open to everyone, from the novice just starting their bourbon adventure to a master distiller who can teach everyone a thing or two.  We currently have about 20 members and are always looking for more! Interested in becoming a member?  Send us a message for more details.  You can also hit us up on instagram @theadventuresclub1927.  What whiskey do we have you ask?  Check them out!

Our bourbon podcast is in full swing.  We are going to record one more episode (4th) and then we will upload them to all the major carriers.  If you subscribe to our patreon page, you'll get first access to the podcast episodes and more.  Click the subscibe and explore button below.

If you live outside Chicago but still want to participate, become a patron.  It's a monthly subscription service where you get sent out a whiskey sample from one of our tastings we do that month.  So, subscribe and come with us as we explore the world of bourbon and rye!!