Will and TJ


TJ Bajkowski

TJ Bajkowski is the co-founder and co-managing partner of The Adventures Club Bourbon Society.  TJ started toward this idea in February 2017 when he and Will, his friend since 2nd grade, realized there are no active bourbon clubs in the Chicago area.  Shocked by this news they both decided to start their own.  A little more than a year later TJ completely transformed his basement into a world explorer/adventurer whiskey lounge.  You can thank the theming to him working for Disney!  The journey has been busy and tough at times but he has enjoyed every second of this adventure.  His goal is simple: to give people in the Chicagoland area an outlet to come together, explore the world of bourbon and rye and have fun.  He wants all bourbon backgrounds involved, from rookies to veterans.  TJ has 15+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry.  From bartending to managing to serving he knows the ins and outs of putting together a great bourbon list while providing a comfortable and chill spot to relax in.  If asked, he will tell you that he is no expert when it comes to bourbon.  However, TJ does know more than the average bear.  He is always trying new bourbon to evolve his palate and reading whatever he can to increase his knowledge.  TJ wants to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped take this idea and transform it into what is before you.

Favorite Bourbon: Traverse City 10 year SiB

Favorite Rye: Thomas H Handy ‘18

Favorite Daily Drinker: Very Old Barton BiB


Will Langendorf

Will Langendorf is the co-founder and co-managing partner of The Adventures Club Bourbon Society.  He has been friends with TJ for almost 30 years!  Time flies...they both had an idea about creating a bourbon club (what guy wouldn't want that?!) but when Will and TJ did research about what clubs/societies are in the area, they were shocked...nothing was established in Chicago!  So here they are!  Will is very much into learning about bourbon.  He is interested in the history of it and what new things are coming soon.  You will always see him with his nose in a book, website or listening to a bourbon focused podcast trying to get new information. Its all about nerding out on this stuff!  Will knows he is no expert on bourbon or any spirit in that regard.  More of an enthusiast, that is why he believes this society could be so great.  He just wants people to get together and learn more about America's native spirit.  He wants anyone who has any interest in learning, talking and of course drinking this "water of life" to be included.  The guys want everyone to be apart of this club.  Everyone from the person who never picked up a glass of bourbon to people that know more than Will an TJ, which is not a lot! 😉 The ultimate goal for Will and TJ, being that bourbon brings people together, is for people to come as strangers but leave as friends.  Cheers!

Favorite Bourbon: 4R Single Barrel BP OESF

Favorite Rye: Pikesville Rye

Favorite Daily Drinker:  Weller Special Reserve